Shouldn’t my property taxes pay for these things?

Your property and business taxes go to pay for basic services and infrastructure. BIDs fund only services and projects that are above and beyond these services provided by the City in any neighborhood. Within a BID, the funds are managed and controlled by your local BID Board of Directors and can only be spent on projects detailed in a business plan approved locally. These services help increase the value of your property or business and should ultimately allow you to leverage your resources to improve your neighborhood.

If we create a BID in RiNo, does that mean that the City of Denver will stop providing services here?

No. BIDs carry out services and improvements that are additional to those that are already provided. The City of Denver will work with the BID to strategically invest in the district.

How are residents involved in the BID?

Residential properties are not assessed a BID levy, and thus do not participate in the legal creation process. However it is very common with BIDs to work with residents to create vibrant 24/7 neighborhoods and provide services that are beneficial to both commercial and residential sectors.

Why should I consider supporting a BID for RiNo?

BIDs allow stakeholders in an area to come together, leverage resources, and collectively advocate for the future of their district and neighborhood. The BID creates a unified voice for RiNo and creates influence with the public sector. By providing resources that stakeholders manage, a BID puts greater control of the district in our hands and allows RiNo to leverage even more funds to ensure our long-term success. With all the changes currently happening in RiNo, we stand to gain much. But, we cannot individually ensure that RiNo will retain its unique character and remain affordable without working together through a structure that can help us create both an economically and socially vibrant area.

Where else are BIDs located in Denver? 

Downtown Denver BID (http://www.downtowndenver.com/category/about-the-bid)

Cherry Creek North BID (http://cherrycreeknorth.com/shop/details/cherry-creek-north-business-improvement-district)

Upper Colfax BID (http://www.colfaxave.com)

West Colfax BID (http://westcolfaxbid.org)

Bluebird BID (Colfax)

Federal Boulevard BID (http://federalboulevard.com)

Old South Gaylord BID

Santa Fe BID (Art District)

Fax/Mayfair BID (Colfax-Mayfair)