Alley Wall
33rd & 34th - Blake & Walnut
Denver, CO 80205

CATEGORY: Side Stories

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Born in the Dominican Republic and growing up in CO, my latest film, Unfolded II, explores associations with geography, more specifically, how a woman of mixed race appropriates the masculine myth of the American West. A myth that tells a tale of a fresh rugged landscape in need of being conquered and in doing so could provide adventure, strength, freedom, and manhood. I see my practice wedged in a crevasse, on one side a feeling of alienation from the American Landscape, and on the other, a need to compose a new narrative. The future feminine inhabits her landscape, is multi-colored and multi-dimensional, moving in and out of origin, multiplying and dividing. This work pays homage to duality, understanding it takes opposing forces to spark tension into being.

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