Mountain Cement Towers (behind Source)
1630 35th St
Denver, CO 80216

CATEGORY: Side Stories

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My name is Ella Vance and I am the filmmaker behind Golden Afternoon, a short film inspired by the expansive dream worlds of childhood imagination. I’ve always been fascinated by the complex connection between dreams and reality, and particularly how that translates to film. The malleability of film as a medium allows for total immersion and freedom of creation to depict inner worlds and figments of the imagination within the real world. Golden Afternoon explores the far reaches of a young girl’s imagination unobstructed by age or preconceived notions about the world around her. An average afternoon at home turns into an adventure when a mysterious pair of glasses appears that transports her to a world very different from her own. While there, she meets a mystical creature who leads her on a journey through the enchanted streets of wonderland. As the sun starts to set on her extraordinary afternoon, she’s left with an unexpected gift that teaches her a very important lesson. I hope this film will reignite in viewers a childlike excitement for the wonders of the imagination and inspire adventures to new places that have the power to change the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Anna Eppe
Mirabelle Moring
CJ Bravo
Katina Nikou
Art Razo

Cinematographer: Marie Ketring
Gaffer/Sound: Ethan Kotel
Makeup Artist: Jen Murphy
Production Coordinator: Tlanezi Guzman

Mural Artists:
Uc Sepia
Robin Munro
, Crush Wall founder
Shitty Kitten Artordie
Hilda Palafox
Jonathan Lamb
Michael Ortiz

Wall: Mountain Cement Company
Projection Site: Alterra Mountain Company, creators of the Ikon Pass

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