Ardent Mills towers (South)
37th & Wynkoop
Denver, CO 80216

CATEGORY: Side Stories

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I’m filmmaker Laurel Cohen. My visual installation, ‘Creature,’ reveals ‘sightings’ of surreal and whimsical creatures living within the grain tower walls.

The creature costumes themselves are inspired by Colorado’s natural environment and RiNo’s industrial backdrop They are primarily constructed from found and recycled materials, with many components from the salvage yard, Goodwill, or the ‘Free’ section of Craigslist. By committing to using found and recycled materials, the process for creating the creatures was quite spontaneous and whimsical in itself. Instead of first sketching the creatures and then purchasing materials that would fulfill their construction, I began by looking at recycled resources already available in the area, then sketched out possible permutations from my findings. One of my favorite finds was a dilapidated, artificial Christmas tree that was getting tossed out. I hauled it back to my studio and trimmed all the branches off, forming the pine needle clippings into the legs of one of the creatures.

After constructing the costumes, I collaborated with Director of Photography, Adam Bove, and Editor, Brandon Schrichten, to bring the creatures to the projection screen.

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