Denver Diesel and Radiator
3530 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216

CATEGORY: Side Stories

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Think of a place in RiNo—a favorite coffee shop, an inspiring mural, some random street corner. Really, any place will do. Now look around. What do you see? Chances are, no matter the place you selected, part of what you’ll see is change: an old industrial building undergoing careful restoration, a bare wall becoming a work of art, a construction crane altering the skyline. From manufacturing hub to booming art scene, RiNo is—at its core—a story of growth and transformation. So, for the 2019 Side Stories we’re paying homage to this history by creating an animated video celebrating the only constant in life: change.

Drawing inspiration and a color palette from the iconic buildings and artwork that make RiNo what it is today, we created a newly imagined cityscape as the focal point of our installation—an animated map that reflects the constant motion of this vibrant community. Through the magic of animation, each component of the illustration has the ability to move, grow, and change in ways not bound by the limits of reality, providing a hyperbolized (and fun!) adaptation of our theme.

The remainder of the wall is an extrapolation of this central idea. Each window, door, sign, blank brick surface changes right before your very eyes. Look at a section of the wall and see one thing. Look back a second later and see something else entirely. Overall, our hope is to create a piece that will draw viewers in—that will lead them closer to the building, closer to the experience of growth, change, and transformation we’re projecting.

Wall: Denver Diesel and Radiator (Tributary Real Estate)
Projection Site: Cirrus MD

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