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LOCATION: RiNo ArtPark - 1900 35th St

CATEGORIES: Art Events | RiNo Sponsored


  • Tue, Feb 1, 2022 - Mon, Feb 28, 2022  

The 2022 RiNo Mural Program kicks off with a mural by Anthony Garcia Sr. at the ArtPark behind the new food and beverage incubator - CoCuA. A portion of the funds this month will go toward Birdseed Collective, where they will purchase in-home art kits for youth.

Anthony Garcia Sr. was born and raised in Denver in the Globeville community. Starting off as a graffiti writer, his knowledge of the Denver art scene and his go-getter attitude molded him into a force to be reckoned with early on. He is currently programming with at-risk youth and trying to bring more fine art to the streets of Denver. He is also the co-founder of Birdseed Collective (a DIY group of artists working together to create a more accessible platform for up and coming talents to express themselves). His artistic training was molded by Denver “Art Street” program and the Center for Visual Arts.

The goal of the RiNo Mural Program is to continue working with a diverse group of local artists to facilitate monthly installations around the district so that each piece may receive proper recognition and the work that is done is more intentional on time and placement. All artists are paid for their work. Providing reliable stipends in an unpredictable time helps keep art and artists at the heart of RiNo.

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