LOCATION: Millers and Rossi - 3542 Walnut St



  • Fri, Oct 25, 2019 - Sun, Dec 1, 2019

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First Friday Artist Reception November 1st 6-9pm

We asked local artists to submit their artwork if our mission spoke to them. Out of over 200 art submissions, this exhibition is the result. Please, enjoy our sampling of the diverse talent and perspective from within the front range. First Friday will feature artists in attendance, wine specials, and snacks!!!

Our intent at Millers & Rossi is to showcase art which helps us feel connected to our humanity in an ever more urban and digital world. The spaces we live in and the ways we interact are evolving and influencing our mindset in ways we might not even realize. Millers & Rossi seeks to represent artists who explore the convergence of personal perspective and our collective experience of this evolving society. We believe that art remains critical to exploring our spectrum of emotion, connection with history, culture, familiar objects, places, the natural world, the present, and each other. Our space aims to welcome and embrace the artists that look these issues in the eye.

Behnaz Ahmadian, Baltazar Alvarado, Heather Booghier, Ginger Bowen, Earl Chuvarsky, Benjamin Clemens, Rick Dallago, Cat Davis, Jessica Day, Annie Decamp, Alyse Dietel, Naomi Edelberg, Aimee Fink, Sandy Friedman, Karen Kaiser, Tyler Knapp, Monika Lemmon, Amy Lummus, Magical Trash Mountain, Emmanual Manolukas, Noelle Miller, Nicole Morrish, James Overstreet, Sarah Palmeri, Elizabeth Peck, Michael Phippen, Annie Pieper, Elissa Quist, Joy Redstone, Paige Scheuermann, Hana Shoup, Jaqueline Schuler, Jeanne Takada, Ayla Thayer, Lynda Tygart, Becca Waugh, Brenda Wyman

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