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  • Thu, Apr 23, 2020 - Thu, Jul 23, 2020

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A pilgrimage is always at least two things: a literal journey and a spiritual journey. Though it involves a geographical moving about it also requires a psychological shift of the deepest sort.

But is a long arduous voyage to a far-flung mountaintop necessary in order to experience this change? Can’t we experience life-changing insights in our own backyards?

If so then how? How do we live life as a sacred journey?

Everyday Pilgrimage is about living life as a sacred journey. Whether going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or traveling to a remote part of Bhutan to meet a spiritual teacher, we have an opportunity to wake up.

The mountains and valley surrounding my home in Crestone, Colorado provide endless opportunities to develop this mindset of pilgrimage. The incredible sense of space in that vast valley forces you to confront yourself on a daily basis.

This exhibit shares a glimpse into that landscape.

My motivation for making art is to provoke a spacious state of mind. I hope to induce a moment of calm, a sense of peace, a momentary gap in the flow of the busy, thinking mind. My intention is to create the space for the viewer to pause and take a moment in the Right Here Right Now.

The daily activity of living with an expanded awareness is the transformation of pilgrimage. We can realize this right in our own backyard.


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