LOCATION: slo curio - 3377 Blake St #102



  • Friday, Dec 7, 2018 1–9pm

First Friday Calendar

We are excited to welcome Denver fiber artist, James Davis, at Slo Curio for First Friday December. James weaves a complex story through his quiet yet striking minimalist perspective. Come join us and meet this thoughtful and engaging weaver and talk story while he demonstrates his weaving process. We will also be doing sign ups for a weaving class with James at the event!

Bio: James Davis is a weaver and hand-spinner living in Denver, Colorado. He practices fiber art as a moving meditation to explore craft and simple, intentional living. The pieces in his Slo Curio show embody the wisdom gained from his daily practice. In several notable pieces in the show, Davis used Navajo Churro yarn he carded and spun by hand from wool sourced from a flock in Northern California. His attention to such details reveals that he is in an intimate dialogue with the craft traditions and environment of the southwest. You can follow along on his weaving path via Instagram @engagedweaving.

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