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LOCATION: Lane Meyer Projects - 2528 Walnut St

CATEGORIES: Art Events | First Fridays


  • Fri, Jul 1, 2022 - Sun, Aug 14, 2022  

Lane Meyer projects is proud to present Flaming, a solo exhibition of new sculpture by Denver-based artist Hudson Hatfield.

Featuring nine wall-hanging bas-relief sculptural works, Flaming represents the artist’s first fully three dimensional presentation. Thematically split in two, works inspired by the leading ladies and correlating romantic storylines from Jennifer’s Body (2009) and Romeo and Juliet (1996), act as playful metaphor to the artist’s own romantic relationship. Posed as angelic and devilish, religious iconography such as the sacred heart, feathery wings, and a burning bush work to ponder social convention and its presumed normalcy.

Described by Hatfield as a “cathedral for gay Halloween,” Flaming absorbs content from both pop culture references and personal experience, blending elements together with wit and ease. Colorful and clever, sexuality steps back into the limelight - welcoming summer and making up for lost time.

Written by Marsha Mack

About Hudson Hatfield
I didn't really want to come tonight but my mom made me. All these guys at work want to fuck. "My grandma told me on Christmas about two different types of birds who are birds who always have the same nests all their lives, like swans, and they always have the same partners all their life, and birds that travel all the time and they always have different partners." I'm the hunter. I was going to stick an egg up my ass for research but my friend did it for me and gave me a full report. Someone's always beating me to my punch line but no one can set up a joke quite like me. Definitely not a church goer but I believe in signs and wonders, death and resurrection. People say I look like Lana in this wig. Electric blue nails get me the most compliments but the straight boys are doing it now so it's not as fun as it used to be. I've got one hand in my pocket and the other one's flicking a cigarette. I know this work is big but it just might match the drapes.

Hudson lives and works in Denver Colorado. Hudson graduated from Purchase College with a BFA in Printmaking in 2014. Hudson is a proud dishwasher for Number 38 (for Erica).

The artist would like to thank his roommates, boyfriend, both Brookes, and everyone who lent tools and time.

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