LOCATION: Nocturne - 1330 27th St



  • Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 6pm–Midnight

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A night of elegant but ghoulish Halloween revelry, inspired by an excerpt from the original draft of the Great Gatsby (the one that did not get published, but...maybe should have):

"In his blue gardens broken men and tattered girls came like moths, walking slowly toward the mansion with dead eyes, thirsting for champagne, martinis, and blood...On weekends his Rolls-Royce became a tool to bludgeon the undead.. racing to the city between nine in the morning and long past midnight, crushing the final life from the many cursed souls. And on Mondays, eight servants, including an extra gardener, toiled all day with shovels, hammers and garden-shears, giving the roving, but well-dressed zombies the ravages they so deserved."

EATS: Three-Course VooDoo tasting menu and à la carte options available all night

MUSIC: Vintage Gypsy Jazz from La Pompe

DRINK: Welcome craft cocktail included with all tickets. Full bar menu available!

COSTUME / DRESS: Zombie Flappers & Dandies (dead but refined)

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