LOCATION: Plinth Gallery - 3520 Brighton Blvd



  • Fri, Sep 3, 2021 - Tue, Sep 28, 2021

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While opportunities for exhibitions at the gallery are usually booked two years into the future, there are times when an artist may cancel. Such is the case for September. We are pleased to present the work of five ceramic artists, three that will have solo exhibitions in 2023 and two of our gallery artists who have furnished us with exciting new work.

"Recent Acquisitions" opens on Friday September 3 from 6pm-9pm.

Bruce Taylor's translucent porcelain vessels radiate light, and are covered with random patterns in bold geometric colors. These pieces are a delight to use.

Kenneth Baskin's sculpture uses the connection of mechanical parts made in clay, perhaps as a metaphor about coupling, tensions, origin, and purpose. There is an implied intention, but not known to the viewer and subject to interpretation.

Joshua Clark's enigmatic ceramic sculptures explore the essential DNA of ceramics. Clark's work is luscious, luminous, full of color and movement almost appearing molten. His sculptures are unconventional in that they defy any traditional idea about ceramics. Using bright colors, plastic and foam resins, and clay, his work is certainly not about materiality.

No stranger to Plinth Gallery, Mary Fischer has brought us a new body of her iconic architectural constructions. some having a broad color palette. Mary's interpretation of barns, silos, other buildings found in the rural countryside, are highly collectible objects.

Steven Branfman enjoys an international reputation as a clay artist specializing in the Raku process. He is the author of four books on ceramics and his work is in numerous collections.

Jonathan Kaplan’s exhibition “new-ish” will remain in the main gallery until September 25

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