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LOCATION: RedLine - 2350 Arapahoe St

CATEGORY: Art Events


  • Thursday, Jul 14, 2022  6pm - 8pm

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As part of our current "Black Power Tarot" exhibition programming, join us at RedLine for a screening of the documentary "The Invaders" followed by a talk back by John B. Smith.

The Invaders (2015) | Running Time: 76 minutes

Beyond inspired by militant black leaders like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael, a new, radicalized generation of civil rights activists made up of young college students, Vietnam vets, musicians, and intellectuals emerged in Memphis in 1967.

The Invaders espoused Black Power and, when pushed, did not limit themselves to non-violence. Prichard Smith uncovers the history and significance of the often- overlooked group, detailing their surprising behind-the-scenes involvement with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the pivotal days leading up to his assassination.

John Burl Smith began as a Black Power advocate in 1967, and now works for social change, social justice and other progressive causes. He is a writer, Black Power advocate, and community organizer hailing from Memphis, based in Atlanta. He holds a BA in psychology and is the author of The 400th (1619-2019) From Slavery to Hip Hop, published by River House Publishing in 2021.

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