LOCATION: Plinth Gallery - 3520 Brighton Blvd

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  • Fri, Oct 1, 2021 - Sat, Oct 30, 2021

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For our October exhibition, Plinth Gallery is pleased to present Vintage '71, New Ceramics by Josh Teplitzky. The artist holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alfred University and a Master of Science in Art Education from CW Post/Long Island University. Formerly an assistant to Jun Keneko, Teplitzky was also an assistant at the Appalachian Center for Crafts. Currently, he teaches ceramics at Smoky Hill High School in Denver.

Teplitzky's ceramic work blends pop and western cultures together, evoking a modern feel and message. Growing up in the shadows of the late 1960's 1970's and 1980's, he draws inspiration from design themes, colors, and fonts from these times. " I am enamored with both retro items and modern items that reference historical ideas and aesthetic. My process is intricately tied to how I see and analyze pop culture, cultural icons and trends to create an aesthetic that highlights these powerful societal themes from those times. My ceramic work is primarily a cone 5-6 stoneware or sculpture clay, hand-built or thrown and altered. I decorate using tapes, wax resist, transfers and decals. I am process oriented and enjoy the making as much as the results. Recently I have also incorporated 3D clay printing as a means to connect creativity and innovation. I generally leave some unglazed areas to evoke process in the final product. I like that a viewer can look at the glazing or making and decipher just how something may have been decorated, developed or fired. I prefer to leave clues as to the process that can help reveal these ideas to my viewers. I embrace glues, rubber, plastics and other materials as an enhancement to classic processes and aesthetics."

Jonathan Kaplan, Plinth Gallery Curator, observes "A competent ceramic artist and potter, his work references the ebullient pop cultures of previous decades. Teplitzky's ceramics are unpretentious and just plain fun." Vintage '71, New Ceramics by Josh Teplitzky opens on First Friday October 1, 6-9pm. For further information contact the gallery at gallery@plinthgallery.com or call 303 295-0717.

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