September 2–8, 2019

Be a Part of This Year's CRUSH Walls! VOLUNTEER

The district received 428 applications this year for CRUSH WALLS. The local CRUSH jury made up of local artists, business owners, stakeholders and RiNo Art District staff lead the curation this year. "It was important that we leveled the playing field this year with the local and invited artists. This year we are encouraging all our artists to work on collaborative works that speak to the unity of our event," says, Weil, RiNo Art District President.

The CRUSH WALLS festival has been taking art to the streets of RiNo since its inception ten years ago. Spotlighting local, national, and international artists, CRUSH has been a catalyst for creative expression and collective gatherings while being instrumental in the transformation of the neighborhood.

If you’ve ever found yourself in RiNo, you’ve experienced the impact of the CRUSH WALLS festival firsthand. CRUSH helped RiNo develop the sort of grungy-charm that we’ve all come to love. Every wall, corner, nook, and cranny of the neighborhood is oozing with creativity and expression. The world-renowned artists that gather in Denver for CRUSH take pride in bringing these streets to life. A decade’s worth of passion has helped CRUSH prompt hundreds of inspiring murals across RiNo, reaching a pinnacle of 80+ public and commissioned street art exhibits last year alone.

Now in its 10th year, CRUSH WALLS 2019 will be taking things to an unprecedented level, curating a 360-degree art festival unlike any other it has offered before. Join us the week of September 2 - 8 as the world’s best artists transform RiNo with new murals, immersive experiences, and most importantly, a standout opportunity to champion the arts to unite people through creativity in Denver and around the world.