RiNo BID Funds Critical Study to Help District Cope With Growth and Improve Accessibility

The RiNo Business Improvement District (RiNo BID)—in partnership with the City of Denver Public Works Department and the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC)—announces the launch of a parking and mobility study to help establish a framework through which the district can strategically and creatively manage access and mobility in and around the area. The RiNo Art District is a unique location in Denver, where a predominantly industrial land use character has shifted into more active uses and higher parking demand. Amid this land use change, the RiNo area’s parking, mobility and access challenges are becoming more apparent. To stay ahead of these access challenges and continue to support the activities and existing residents in the area, the RiNo BID introduces its study “RiNo MAPS” (RiNo Mobility and Parking Study) to begin immediately.

The study will first conduct an analysis of existing conditions and future demand and then provide innovative, forward-thinking, and creative solutions and strategies that have been successful in urban centers around the world to address the ways that people need to and want to move around RiNo today and in the years to come. “RiNo has consistently positioned itself as the district in the City of Denver in which new ideas are welcomed and piloted,” states Jamie Licko, RiNo BID President. “We seek the same mentality in exploring how best to advocate for improved access and safe mobility for RiNo and the surrounding neighborhoods while planning for a future in which transportation as we know it will change. RiNo desires to be a pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-friendly neighborhood that decreases the reliance on vehicular travel.”

“This is an opportunity to ensure the streets in River North work for people,” states Justin Croft, RiNo BID Board Chair. “Our streets should be places and not just thoroughfares, where bicyclists and pedestrians are welcome and safe as they traverse the district, interacting with each other and the diverse businesses that call RiNo home. We’ll also focus on highly efficient parking that can be flexible over time as mode-share changes.”

Nelson\Nygaard will direct the study for the RiNo BID and is expected to complete its work in August 2018. “RiNo is a creative district, and we expect creative solutions to come from this study,” notes Lauren Mattern, Project Manager for Nelson\Nygaard. “This is a period of rapid change for the area, an area requiring community-oriented access improvements, and it is also an era of shifting American generational attitudes about car ownership, city life, and mobility technology. The unique challenges in the district call for piloting innovative parking, accessibility, and mobility solutions that work for the distinct residential and business communities within the district.”

To help inform the study, the communities that comprise the district and its visitors will be engaged in unique, interactive ways, including a community charrette and scavenger hunt, expected in June 2018. Please look to the RiNo Art District website (rinoartdistrict.org) and RiNo Art District social media channels for further announcements to participate.

The RiNo Art District is a distinctive area of north Denver that is inclusive of four historical neighborhoods: Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, Five Points and Cole. The District started as a grass roots movement by local artists that wanted connect the arts organizations in the area. Fresh off the heels of celebrating its tenth anniversary, and completing the creation of both a Business Improvement District (BID) and General Improvement District (GID) to support the neighborhood, the RiNo Art District is stepping into a new decade driven by the creativity and tenacity that is its hallmark.

Community Charrette on June 27th - details HERE