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Board Nomination - GID

The RiNo Denver General Improvement District (GID) is looking for a new Board member! The GID, located on the western side of the RiNo Art District and more specifically illustrated by the boundary map, was created in 2015 and handles many issues around improvements within the public realm and maintenance within the GID boundaries. The GID assesses commercial and residential property to generate funding for these improvements, and works closely with the City of Denver to leverage and enhance City-funded projects. Current focuses of the GID include:

  • Ongoing maintenance of the GID-funded additions to Brighton Blvd.
  • The future RiNo Park buildings
  • The future RiNo river promenade
  • 35th Street design
  • Other projects happening within the district boundaries

Board members must be an elector of the RiNo Denver GID, which include:

  • Owners of commercial property within the GID boundary
  • Residents (property owner or lessee) within the GID boundary
  • Property owners of space for artists or creative enterprise within the GID boundary

The RiNo GID Board meets once per month, with a handful of events throughout the year where your presence is requested. We look forward to adding a new voice to the Board!


Where in RiNo are you/is your business/development located?