The BID assesses commercial property in nearly all of RiNo to generate funding for projects and programming in four key areas: Advocacy, Placemaking, Marketing and Branding and Support for RiNo’s Artists and Creatives.

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A BID is a special district financing tool used to help stakeholders collectively plan, fund, and implement services and improvements to their neighborhood.

A few key facts about BIDs:

  • BIDs fund special services in a defined area through an assessment on commercial properties (residential properties are not assessed in a BID).
  • It is up to district stakeholders to establish an area for the BID, set priorities for what the BID will fund, create a budget and assessment rate, and develop a plan.  
  • BIDs are established through majority support of property and business owners in the district, and cannot be imposed upon an area.
  • All the money raised through the BID comes back to the district. A Board of Directors representing those paying assessments manages the BID funds.

RiNo Art District MAP (pdf)

RiNo Art District Annual Report 2016/17

RiNo Art District Annual Report 2017/18

RiNo Art District Annual Report 2019