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Nonprofit 501(c)(3) focused upon education, community benefit, and creative programming.

Keep RiNo Wild is the charitable arm of the RiNo Art District family of organizations. We are a 501c(3) nonprofit fundraising entity.

We provide and advocate for permanent, affordable creative spaces to support the artist community that calls this area home.

With Keep RiNo Wild, we are embracing the power of art to foster connection in our community through educational programming, events, classes and experiences for all ages, backgrounds and socio- economic groups.


Donations to Keep RiNo Wild support our work in arts education, advocacy, and affordability in Denver. Donate Today

Strategic Plan 2022–2027

Annual Reports:
RiNo Art District Annual Report 2022
RiNo Art District Annual Report 2021
RiNo Art District Annual Report 2020
RiNo Art District Annual Report 2019
RiNo Art District Annual Report 2017/18
RiNo Art District Annual Report 2016/17

RiNo Art District RiNo BID RiNo GID

2023 RiNo Art District Team

2023 Board Members

Anne Hayes (Westfield/North Wynkoop)—Chair

Tracy Weil (RiNo Art District Co-Founder/RiNo Artist)

Jayne Buck (Arts Advocate)

Liz Adams (Resident)

Kellie Owens (AEG Presents)

Bryant Palmer (Oh Hey Creative)

Board Meetings:

  • Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 1–3pm
  • Agenda and meeting location will be posted prior to each meeting
  • Next Board Meeting: February 27, 2024

Meeting Minutes:
June 20, 2023
April 17, 2023
January 17, 2023