Throughout the BID study process, a diverse steering committee made up of stakeholders representing a variety of interests such as artists, property owners, and business owners, along with representatives from the City of Denver, has guided the conversation and helped to establish a plan that will help RiNo to strategically grow while retaining its unique character.  This process has also included months of engagement with the stakeholders, business and property owners of RiNo to determine the collective needs and desires of the neighborhood, as well as support for the final BID plan and its services.

BID Services

  • RiNo Advocacy:  The unified voice of RiNo on all matters related to preserving and advancing its unique character through representation, promotion of planning and development, policy and partnerships. 
  • RiNo Branding, Marketing, Activation:  The BID will work to develop the RiNo brand, and will create and deliver an experience that encourages locals and visitors to explore RiNo through marketing, events, and programming.
  • RiNo Placemaking:  The BID will work to retain the character of RiNo, enhance and bring improvements to the public realm, and create a comfortable experience for all by delivering public realm amenities and activating the environment.
  • RiNo Creatives and Entrepreneurial Business Support:  The BID will take a lead role in keeping RiNo affordable and promoting its creatives and entrepreneurs through advocacy, programming, and direct support.

BID Assessment

In its first year, the RiNo BID assessment rate will be .004 (4 mills) on the assessed value of commercial properties.  The assessed value is 29% of the market, or actual, value of a property.  Residential properties are not assessed in a BID.

BID Budget

In its first year of operations, the BID will raise approximately $500,000. Additionally, the BID intends to leverage its funding by bringing in grants, donations, sponsorships, crowdsourcing, and partnerships to provide a bigger overall budget with which to advance and administer projects.

BID Governance

The RiNo BID board will initially consist of nine (9) board members from the RiNo BID area. The following members must be included in this mix:

  • At least two (2) property owners from the Eastside of the RiNo BID area
  • At least two (2) property owners from the Westside of the RiNo BID area
  • At least two (2) artist/creative property owners - one (1) from the Eastside, one (1) from the Westside
  • At least one (1) RiNo business owner

The initial board members of the RiNo BID shall be:

  • Tracy Weil - RiNo Art District President and artist
  • Justin Croft - RiNo Urban Improvement Committee (UIC) Co-Chair and Zeppelin Development
  • Sonia Danielsen - Bindery on Blake
  • Andrew Feinstein - RiNo Urban Improvement Committee (UIC) Co-Chair and EXDO Management
  • Bryan Slekes - Great Divide Brewing Company
  • Mike Mancarella - Ironton Studios
  • Tai Beldock - Erico Motorsports
  • Josh Fine - Focus Property Group
  • Ari Stutz - Downtown Property Services

The terms of office will be staggered to encourage continuity in BID governance. The length of the term is three (3) years and the consecutive term limit will be two (2) terms. After a member has fulfilled this term, they may not be a member of the RiNo BID governing body for three (3) years before being reappointed.

BID Management Structure

The RiNo BID expects to contract with the RiNo Art District 501(c)(6) organization to deliver its services. Each year the RiNo BID board shall develop a work plan and budget for the RiNo BID. Once agreed upon, the RiNo BID board would expect to execute a services contract with the RiNo Art District board to deliver their services.