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The RiNo Mural Program is being reimagined for 2024. Stay tuned for details!


2022 RiNo Mural Program Installations
Dec 2022 installation: Kendall Rose Kippley
Oct 2022 installation: AGPNT and TASTE ONE
Sept 2022 installation: Art RiNo
August 2022 installation (delayed to Sept–Oct): Sarah Ortegon X Patagonia
July 2022 installation: Jason Graves, Remington Robinson, and Youth from Lincoln Hills Cares June 2022 installation: Patrick Maxcy, The Designosaur + Alexandrea Pangburn, and Armando Silva
May 2022 installation (delayed to July–Sept): Bimmer Torres
April 2022 installation: Wen2, Worm, Anna Charney, and Mike Graves
March 2022 installation: Molly Bounds + Sidney Masuga
February 2022 installation: Anthony Garcia Sr.

Check out the 2021 RiNo Mural Program video by @dittlo_!

2021 RiNo Mural Program Installations
December 2021 installation: Tracy Weil + Eva Zimmerman, Alexandrea Pangburn + Leah Panteà, and Thomas "Detour" Evans + Carmen Richards
November 2021 installation: Danielle SeeWalker, Gregg Deal, and JayCee Beyale
October 2021 installation: Valerie Rose and Chloé Duplessis
August 2021 installation: DF Creatures Crew + RTD Crew
July 2021 installation: Jessa Gilbert + Youth from the Third Way Center
June 2021 installation: David Puck + Tracy Weil
May 2021 installation: Casey Kawaguchi + Imagine876
April 2021 installation: Dave Tevenal
March 2021 installation: Romelle, Gina Ilczyszyn, + Adri Norris
February 2021 installation: Johnny Draco, Aisha Renee, See One, Cya The Creator, JUST, Myah Mazcara

(Above image: February 2021 installation in progress for Black History Month; artists Aisha Renee + Holly Murphy; photo by @dittlo_)

Help us add to the Mural Map! Many more existing RiNo murals are currently being inventoried and will continue to be added to the map. If you have a mural within the RiNo Art District you'd like included, please email and include:

  • good resolution image(s)
  • artist credit (include any instagram and/or website links)
  • detailed location information
  • date of installation


If you are interested in having your wall(s) included in this program, please fill out an application:

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