The goal of the RiNo Mural Program is to continue working with a diverse group of local artists to facilitate monthly installations around the district so that each piece may receive proper recognition and the work that is done is more intentional on time and placement. All artists will be paid for their work at an industry standard rate. Providing reliable stipends in an unpredictable time helps keep art and artists at the heart of RiNo.

December 2021 installation: Collaboration Celebration

November 2021 installation: Native American Heritage Month

October 2021 installation: National Disability Employment Awareness Month

August 2021 installation: Graffiti Month

July 2021 installation: Youth Collaboration

June 2021 installation: PRIDE Month

May 2021 installation: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

April 2021 installation: Featuring local gallery Dateline + Tattoo Artists

March 2021 installation: Womxn's History Month

February 2021 installation: Black History Month Celebration
(Above image: February installation in progress for Black History Month; artists Aisha Renee + Holly Murphy; photo credit: tiller dittlo.)


Help us add to the map! Many more existing RiNo murals are currently being inventoried and will continue to be added to the map. If you have a mural within the RiNo Art District you'd like included, please email and include:

  • good resolution image(s)
  • artist credit (include any instagram and/or website links)
  • detailed location information
  • date of installation


If you are interested in having your wall(s) included in this program, please fill out an application:

Apply Now

Special Thanks to Paint Denver for priming our walls!