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CALL FOR ARTISTS: Submission Guidelines

As an organization made of and run by artists - it is our priority to share artist opportunities that will serve our artists in an ethical and business manner. We have created these guidelines to those looking for a platform to share their "Call For Artists", as a way to better direct those organizing and a way for us to share what the RiNo Art District supports so we can all continue to support artists.

  • Please make sure your call is inclusive to all genders, races, and ages of artists.
  • Asking artists to design something specific for a particular project for free robs them of their time, money, and everything they work for. Artists should be paid for ANY and all work they are giving you, this includes mock-ups.
    • If the application requires artists to submit designs specific to the project, a standard artist fee is $100 for 1–2 designs with 1 alteration.
    • If no fee is going to be paid to the artists upon applying - applications must call for examples of PREVIOUS works.
  • If your project is specific to a mural - industry average standard is $20–$25/sqft so please budget accordingly. This will vary depending on the artist - but this is a good starting point. If other equipment is necessary (ie. lifts/scaffolding) an artist may charge an additional fee.
  • If you are calling for an application fee - it must go towards supporting a particular project that is supportive of the arts or arts organization.
  • Artists will always retain rights to their work.
  • Artists are to be compensated for work.


Our database of RiNo Artists is a great way to find an artist that fits your needs.


If you would prefer to post a call, please read the guidelines on this page before submitting. Listings are posted on our Artist Opportunities page.

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