LOCATION: Millers and Rossi - 3542 Walnut St



  • Friday, Jan 17, 2020 6pm-latenight

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The Art Of Records combines art, music and tradition to celebrate and honor the rich history and mystique of record cover art, 12″ vinyl and the artists that create it – both musically and graphically. Since its inception in 2012, the exhibit has featured a series of classic 12″ album and single covers re-imagined and recreated by top Denver artists to wow fans of music, art & culture across mediums. At the opening, he original album covers will also be on display and the concept comes full circle with DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez playing an all vinyl set of the featured records to start the night and show off proper at Millers & Rossi (3542 Walnut St) with an afterparty featuring Chicago favorite and critically acclaimed producer Slot-A joining DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez in the cocktail lounge to follow. More info available at DenverSolution.com.

Featured artists include: Dunn The Signtologist, Xencs L. Wing, Meeg Conroy, Michael Coriano, Joseph Martinez, Delton Demarest, Olivia Lucero, Aisha Renee , Sky Welkin, TriedPirate, Funktion, Thienz, Ratha ,De, and more TBA

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