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CATEGORY: Call For Artists


  • Fri, Jul 16, 2021 - Sat, Jan 1, 2022  

Compensation (Budget, Stipend, etc):
$300.00 plus materials costs

Call for Entry: The Arvada Community Garden has been in existence for 54 years involving the community in gardens, orchards, beekeeping, preserving pollinators and, now, has received a grant to include an art display at its entrance.

We are looking for an interested artist to propose a sculpture or display that would reflect the interest of the gardeners and be immediately recognizable as art representing our passion. We have a budget of approximately $300.00 but might be able to support the purchase of materials.

The garden will be a part of the proposed urban paseo so there will be a lot of foot traffic and, therefore, a lot of exposure. More art will be purchased by the City for the urban paseo and this is an important first step. We would be glad to show you the garden and now is the time of year to see it.

Please contact: or

The timeframe is flexible but we would like to have an unveiling and a tribute to the artist at one of our community events within the next year.