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LOCATION: Catbird Hotel - 3770 Walnut St

CATEGORY: Tools for the Creative Life


  • Thursday, May 9, 2024  5:30pm - 7:30pm

Join RiNo Art District and Yazmin Atmore for a workshop to tweak and create your best creative proposal.

Are you an Artist/Creative or something in between who wants to apply for grants, projects, murals, etc., but in need of a proposal? Come join Yazz Atmore as we dive into creating artist statements and getting an in-depth session of how to create creative proposals!

Door open at 5:30 for mingling. Light food and drink provided. Event program starts at 6pm.

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About Yazz:

“Art is just conversations with God.” -Yazz

Yazz Atmore is just a scattered brain barefoot babe who likes to dance with words, play in the spirit world & dabble in art magic. Having created her own degree from Metropolitan State University, Yazz obtains a BA in Supporting High Risk Youth through the Arts.

Yazz is a community organizer, creative & educator in Denver, Colorado where she continues to mentor and create with young artists as they explore their lives, stories, and passions through the beauty of art. Constantly, inspired by the youth + community she works with, Yazz continues to develop & deepened her own artistry as an analog collagist and muralist. Her art explores and dabbles in the themes of spirituality, ancient and ancestral wisdom, nature & afro-futurism through story telling, collaging and the building/ re-building of worlds. Her work is also heavily influenced by her spiritual journey as she loves exploring the spirit world with God, Ancestors & her Spirit Team. As an expressionist intuitive mixed media artist she creates breathtaking hand cut collage and digital works, with the use of bright bold colors, metallic paints and gold leaf.

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