LOCATION: slo curio - 3377 Blake St #102



  • Fri, Feb 1, 2019 - Sun, Feb 24, 2019

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Slo Curio is thrilled to feature the colorful, vibrant, fresh & modern-abstract work of Denver's monotype artist, Mami Yamamoto. Mami’s art is so alive & brimming with joy, humor & curiosity & her true quality shows through in each & every aspect of her work. Please come join us for an opening artist reception on First Friday of February between 6-9pm & meet this very talented artist & view her work on display at Slo Curio until month’s end.


Almost a prerequisite for her people, growing up in Japan, I was surrounded by those with distinguished sensibilities & deep reverence rooted in culture. In every aspect of my young life, I witnessed both old and new aesthetic, many of which was simply considered "custom" or "ritual." During the past 20 years, I have heavily been engaged with Japanese antiques, particularly textiles, folk arts and crafts. Each artifact I have encountered and collected possesses unique beauty, based on the choice of materials and execution to functionality.

In those everyday objects, I often find the most sincere and genuine beauty and I am choosing a similar path to create something intangible in my own life. Every element of our lives are superimposed and layered with other matters and elements. Endless variations of pigments, complex textures, and organic forms and shapes are all my intended forms of expression.

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