LOCATION: Dateline - 3004 Larimer St

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  • Fri, Jan 1, 2021 - Sun, Jan 31, 2021

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Opening January 1st, 9–11pm

Dateline presents Various Cardio; a new exhibition by power couple Julio Alejandro x Danielle Cunningham

This series stems from the artists’ anti-capitalist perspective on issues such as COVID-19, racist police brutality, and racial inequality within American professional sports. With this perspective, the artists highlight that capitalism has historically relied on the labor of marginalized people to increase the capital of mostly rich white, able-bodied men, making the already-vulnerable even moreso. Capitalism is especially at work within professional athletics, which are structured so that mostly white wealthy owners benefit from the bodies of mostly Black and working class players. Using sports logos and motifs, and by rendering sports equipment unuseable, the artists question America’s economic dynamics, suggesting that systemic change is both necessary and imminent.

The exhibition features paintings and drawings on various materials including found objects, latex, nylon, paper, and canvas, as well as 100-200 drawings on found baseball cards and other various sports equipment, the artists have also created found object sculptures and installations of mixed media athletic equipment.

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