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3405 Downing St
Unit C
Denver, CO 80205
Telephone: 720-509-9738

CATEGORY: Cycling, Fitness + Health

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Flow Chiropractic is a holistic chiropractic office, we approach each client with a whole-person mindset. We recognize the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit, and strive to address all aspects of health and wellness. Our techniques are gentle and non-invasive, focusing on the removal of interference to the body's natural healing abilities. We believe in the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself, and our goal is to help facilitate that process through careful examination and personalized care. Our office is an intentional and mindful space, where we prioritize the needs of our clients and create an environment that promotes healing and relaxation. We invite you to come and experience the benefits of holistic care.

Hours of Operation

Monday: 4-7p
Tuesday: 10a-1p
Wednesday: 4-7p
Thursday: 10a-1p
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 10a-12p
Sunday: CLOSED

Parking/Access Tips

Easy street parking.
Office entrance is on the Arapaho St. side of the building.

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