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SUBMISSION LIMIT: 3–5 per member per month. Consider choosing only the top three and/or combining similar events into one submission (e.g. "June Live Music Lineup").

HELPFUL HINTS (to avoid issues receiving your submission!):

  • Links: Include any appropriate urls within the Event Description field so that links can be created.
  • Emojis are NOT supported by the online form and can cause problems in your descriptions - please avoid!
  • Date: Please REMEMBER to enter the date of the event/offer (not the date you submit)!
  • Multiple dates: Only enter a Last Date if there are multiple occurrences or if the event/offer is ongoing (such as an exhibition) - an event that goes to midnight or after is still considered a single day event.
  • Multiple events/offers: Please consider combining similar events/offers at one location into one submission and include the separate dates within the description. Use the span between the first event and the last event for the date fields.

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