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A new Dairy Block art show curated by Scott Young

International pop-art exhibition open in the Alley from Dec. 6th – Jan. 3rd
Opening celebration Friday Dec 6th, 5pm.

Scott Young Studio's Gallery at the Dairy Block (Blake Street between 18th and 19th), LoDo

Dairy Block is excited to be hosting KNOCKOUT, an exciting group art exhibition curated by Denver conceptual neon artist Scott Young.

Andy Warhol popularized the words “Art is anything you can get away with.” KNOCKOUT - the newest exhibition at Dairy Block, Denver’s newest micro-district that celebrates the maker - brings these words to light.

Featuring a wide range of styles, materials and approaches, KNOCKOUT will be on display from Dec. 6th – January 3rd at Dairy Block, with an Opening Celebration on Friday, Dec. 6th at 5 p.m.

A survey of what the undefinable term “pop-art” is today, KNOCKOUT brings together a ring of international artists to capture what Young sees as the future of the new world of pop-art. More than 35 artists from around the world are participating in KNOCKOUT, including Viktor Martinez of Mexico City, Evan Ross of Los Angeles, Eve Hoyt of Philadelphia, Santiago Hurtato of Bogotá and Andrew Ramiro Tirado of Colorado Springs.

Kimberly Wolff Photography
2715 Blake St
Denver, CO 80205

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Kimberly Wolff Photography

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