A rotisserie centric shop in The Denver Central Market

SK Provisions is helmed by acclaimed Denver Chef and Restaurateur Sean Kelly. The Two antique rotisserie ovens provide a selection of slow roasted meats like the sumptuous chicken and roast porchetta. Both are served with a variety of roasted vegetables and greens. Also included on the menu are burgers, street tacos or sandwiches made with the rotisserie meats (depending on the day). SK Provisions also serves a selection of prepared salads, soups and sides to fill out your meal. The full menu can be enjoyed at The Denver Central Market, or meals can be packed up to serve to family and friends at home.

8:00 am – 9:00 pm | Mon – Sun

National Burger Day @ SK Provisions: In celebration of National Burger Day, May 18th, SK Provisions is offering a crowd favorite - The Central Market Burger - for just $5 (a la carte). The burger is hyper local with a 1/4 lb all beef patty made by The Local Butcher with white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and a bun by Izzio's Bakery.

Since 2016, Sean Kelly’s restaurant, SK Provisions, has donated 10% of its revenue on Monday evenings to RiNo Art District. All those Mondays add up! Recently, we calculated that SK Provisions had contributed more than $12,000 to support programs and initiatives for artists. We spoke with Chef Kelly at Denver Central Market.

RiNo: What is SK Provisions’ specialty?
Sean Kelly: When I first started talking with Ken probably back in 2014, he wanted to have a rotisserie, something that's always appealed to me. I've always liked cooking big pieces of meat and cutting them up and that whole aesthetic of having meat spinning on that rotisserie for hours behind the guys that are working.

I've always loved that and that's really where it started. We're a meat-centric rotisserie operation. Burgers, tacos, fill it out on the sides. The rotisserie chickens and the rotisserie porchetta that we do every day. Some deli box containers for people to take home with them. And that's really the thrust of what we do.

RiNo: You're right across from Green Seed Market, which focuses on local produce. Do you have food for vegetarians as well?
Sean Kelly: We are very sensitive to the fact that there's a lot of vegans and vegetarians in RiNo. So besides being meat-centric, we have deli box containers. We make an impossible burger, a vegetarian-friendly burger made from plants.

In the scheme of how the market works, Green Seed is really the place to go if you're vegetarian. We're not trying to overtake them; we're just trying to accent what we do.

RiNo: You have 30 years in the restaurant business. How has it been to collaborate with all of the other restaurants in Denver Central Market? How is this different than what you have done before?
Sean Kelly: Well it's really different from any restaurant I've done. It takes a lot more collaboration to work with everyone and a lot more understanding that you have a piece of the pie. You don't get the whole pie, and you have to make it work with your piece of the pie. We fit together.

RiNo: How did you decide to start donating 10 percent each week to RiNo Art District?
Sean Kelly: Back when the market opened in 2016, there was a lot of stuff going on in Rhino. Rhinoceropolis had just closed, and a lot of artists were being forced to pick up and move and find new places to work and live.

There was a lot of talk that RiNo might not be for artists anymore, and I thought the one thing that we could do is work with and through the RiNo Art District. To help promote that, we give a little bit one day a week on Monday. It's also sort of a meatless Monday for us. We have all of our regular menu, but we run vegetarian specials on Mondays.

It's just something that we felt like it was the right thing to do. I think the art district does a lot in this part of town to keep RiNo real and not let it get too far ahead of itself in terms of development and gentrification.

It's something that we sort of did with no one asking us to do. And so we've just continued to do it. It seems to work. Our Monday sales have grown fairly exponentially since we started doing it two years ago, so I see no reason to really pull back on it.

RiNo: Since you started, you've actually given more than $12,000.
Sean Kelly: You know I've never added it up. We just sent 10 percent of what we do every Monday to them, and they've seemed to have done a nice job promoting us.

All we're really asking for is that people know about it and then they make their own decision. They want to come support it or not. If that's how much it is, that's really nice to hear.

RiNo: What are you hoping for the neighborhood?
Sean Kelly: I think that RiNo is an interesting neighborhood. I've driven through here for almost 20 years on a fairly regular basis. I hope that it just grows in the right way. I'd like to see it not lose its artistic sensibilities and not become too slick.

I hope it keeps its soul and its grit a little bit. I think that's what people come down here for. I think that that's what they like. And I just don't want to see it become too polished.

SK Provisions
2669 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205

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