New Denver contemporary art gallery located at 2822 E. 17th Ave in Denver, CO.

ARTAOS - FaraHNHeight Galleries, a new Denver contemporary art gallery located at 2822 E. 17th Ave in Denver, CO. will be opening its’ doors to the public on August 7th for First Friday!

This new gallery is a creative fusion between two very different gallerists in background, discipline and focus.

African-American/Cuban NYC master printmaker, street artist and artivist Jason Rodriguez aka: “FORGE”, who created and runs ARTAOS, a mobile art gallery and makers space out of a vintage 1979 Chevy step-van since 2016. FORGE has been printmaking since 1987 and has worked with artists such as Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein. His current works are a contemplation of the issues burdening society today, sometimes whimsical yet somber. “I make art that forces people engage with and experience the world outside their comfort-zone.” ARTAOS creates a platform for left-of-center artists who may not fit into the definition of “mainstream” but whose ideals are in line with the key mission of ARTAOS as art supporting community and vice-versa.

Gregory Farah, Palestinian-American, owner and curator of FaraHNHeight Gallery, a critically acclaimed gallery from Taos/Santa Fe New Mexico. FaraHNheight Gallery specializes in Contemporary Native American Art and features many of the primary artists working in this artistic arena. In additional to their collections of classic contemporary and vintage art, the gallery also showcases various other works in different mediums such as - prints, sculptures, murals, glass, carvings, drums, jewelry and more. FaraHNHeight creates a specific platform that promotes contemporary Native American art. Gregory is a champion for the causes of the multicolored, diverse, ethnic, cultural world of native America.

We hope that the convergence of energy our two galleries create and the talented artists they are bringing to Denver can create dialogues and change about race and art and culture.

The gallery location is pretty unique, it lives in a historic mid-1800’s former dairy house, located on the south side of City Park, it’s a purely residential strip but the locals have made us feel very welcome and are happy someone decided to do something with the building. The building had been vacant for years before the owners took the time and energy to totally restore the dilapidated building to its former stature and beauty.

Our entire 4500 sq. ft. 3 floor building is all about art:

  • ARTAOS - FaraHNHeight Galleries on half of the ground floor level,
  • FORGE has a 1000 sq. ft printmaking shop on the second floor,
  • Karen Kaiser’s studio is on the west side of the building,
  • Local heavy-hitter, artist Michael Dowling Studio has graced us with his studio in the most charming room in the building with French doors and rustic vibe.
  • Aya Trevino Photography is launching a ladies boutique in the back corner with eclectic up-cycled clothing, costumes, hand-made bohemian clothing, and homemade, ethically sourced bath and body products! Because Denver needs more upscale boutiques for dirt loving, tree hugging, Earth mommas!
  • A stone patio facing the park zoned for outdoor vending,
  • We also have 2000 sq. ft. of very low-cost artist studio space for rent. Please contact us for details at

Social Responsibility:

We are taking a new approach to the wall-to-wall with people art openings that everyone is generally used to and adopting a strict “appointment-only” approach for our soft-launch in August. We want everyone to enjoy the art and feel safe at the same time. Of course, walk-ins will be considered as long as we can maintain the highest standard of social distancing etiquette.

Upcoming Events:

A more prominent show is waiting in the wings for September titled “Off The Wall, a celebration of Rocky Mountain Street Art” where twenty 4’ x 4’ faux-walls are being constructed by Forge Art Studio in collaboration with 20 artists from across the region to create works that would only normally be seen in back alleys and on mural walls. We want to offer the public that appreciates real street art the opportunity to purchase pieces that look like they were literally taken “Off The Wall”! We have chosen the Denver non-profit “Youth On Record” as a beneficiary of some of the profits, we believe in the work they do in Denver with our youth.

Many of the participating artists are collaborating with FORGE remotely by sending mockups and files that will then be assembled at our studios here in Denver. We also have a line-up of local artists who will be creating their works live at the gallery from Sept 14th - 20th.

We are excited to become a creative addition of the vibrant energy of the S. City Park neighborhood!

Media Inquiries:

ARTAOS Gallery: Email: Phone: 303-390-0585

FaraHNHeight Gallery:

Youth On Record:


Denver, CO

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