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International Street Art Festival Returns to RiNo Art District With Continued Focus on Community Programming and Technology Integration

April 2, 2024

RiNo Art District, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit grassroots arts organization dedicated to fostering a welcoming, creative community where a diversity of artists, residents, and businesses thrive, and DENVER WALLS, a woman- and immigrant-owned mural festival that is part of the globally renowned WORLD WIDE WALLS, is excited to announce an open call for sponsors and walls for the second year of the street art festival, with main events slated to take place from Oct. 3-5, 2024.

Last fall, Denver became the 25th city to host a WORLD WIDE WALLS event, joining international cities such as Honolulu, Seoul, and Tokyo, as part of an initiative launched by Jasper Wong in 2010 to beautify cities and foster connections between local artists and their communities. Building on the inaugural festival's success, which helped draw 158,000 visitors to RiNo and featured 17 new murals by 18 artists from seven countries, the festival remains committed to establishing Denver as a leading destination for street art in America while empowering local artists, nurturing community engagement, and showcasing emerging technologies.

DENVER WALLS 2023: murals by Casey Kawaguchi & DETOUR (top image) - photos by Owen Braley/Dittlo Digital

“RiNo Art District is proud to return as the presenting sponsor for DENVER WALLS, an event that brought thousands of visitors to the District and provided invaluable support to our local businesses and artists,” said Alye Sharp, Executive Director of Programs & Partnerships for RiNo Art District. “Events like DENVER WALLS are critical to our mission of fostering a community where artists, residents, and businesses thrive, and this year, we’ll once again have the chance to showcase RiNo’s rich arts scene and dynamic business community in front of a global audience.”

In addition to RiNo’s support, Blue Moon has signed on as a sponsor of the 2024 festival. Sponsors, walls, and creative collaborators are all needed to support this year’s festival in a variety of ways, ranging from monetary donations for activating walls and hosting events, to in-kind donations of supplies, equipment, meals, and more. DENVER WALLS is also hiring a Development Chair to play a crucial part in securing the resources needed to make this year’s festival a success.

“DENVER WALLS is so much more than a mural festival; it's a celebration of creativity, community, and diversity, and using various forms of art to share stories and explore different perspectives,” said Ally Grimm, a Denver-based artist and Director of DENVER WALLS. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the incredible response from the artistic community, with more than 500 applications from artists received so far. Last year’s festival focused on ‘Communities’ and highlighting artists who use their message, artistry, or platform to bring people together. This year’s theme is about ‘Evolution’ and ‘Growth’, and we’re excited to highlight artists from around the world and right here in our community who are pushing outside their comfort zones, constantly evolving their practice, and leveling up their skill sets.”

For more information about DENVER WALLS and sponsorship opportunities available, visit