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Featuring LeahTard Wedgie - July 24th at The Lafayette Arts Hub Theatre (live show) or the comfort of your own home (virtual show) through August 15th

Honored to share the stage with my In the Wings family and guest artists! Catch Sarah Dawn & I partnering in the aerial silks, Bayard Wenzel & I partnering duo-trapeze style & many other talented artists sharing our creations in a beautiful & intimate Theatre setting!

A Shared Stage: Volume 2
A Murmuration of Movement

Welcome Everyone!
To a virtual and our first LIVE performance in over a year! We are so excited to be on a stage in front of an audience again, and hope you will join us!

In the Wings and local guest artists are collaborating together to bring you what will be a beautiful show of dance, circus and aerial arts! Be mesmerized by the incredible performances from Park Hill Dance Collective, Anastasia Timina, Leah Grandstaff, Sarah Dawn, Bayard Wenzel, and Grace Ramsey with Uro! Take flight with these amazing performers as they take you on a journey through murmurations of movement created to inspire hope and connection.

“A Shared Stage: Volume 2” is a full length production filled with an incredible variety of performances and talent, including aerial dance, dancing en pointe, contortion, and much more! From high flying aerial dancers to mind bending contortionists to beautiful ballerinas, this is a show you simply cannot miss!

For live performances: Please bring your e-ticket with you to the performance and either your proof of vaccination or your mask.

For virtual performance: After your ticket is purchased, you will have access to a Vimeo link of our pre-recorded show in a theater complete with stage lights and various camera angles, putting you front row, center for this production. Enjoy the show at your leisure anytime between July 30th & August 15th.

We hope you join us either virtually or in person for this new production, and are so grateful for your continued support of the arts!

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LeahTard Wedgie

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