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The Boulder Creative Collective, 2500 47th St, Boulder, CO 80301

Feb 8–Mar 8, 2020 • Opening reception: Feb 8, 6–9pm

From the artist's statement:

It’s Becoming Familiar takes place within an abstracted home; various objects, potentially personal, potentially gifted, hang on the wall and artist-created furniture is placed throughout the space. Certain objects command attention while other objects do well to fade into the background, only to be noticed upon closer inspection. Throughout the day, the natural light changes the way the space is activated. Lived-in spaces and used objects hold history, and paired next to artist-created objects, tell a crafted story of a life, condensed.

The materials each specifically reference something from the artist’s home, integrating elements from his childhood house as well as his current home. These materials speak to home renovation, being a first time homeowner in a growing city, experiencing textured walls for the first time, watching light cast through windows, wandering alleys, and observing leaves collecting and creating patterns on the drive leading to the front door.

On the exterior walls of the gallery, the viewer is asked to observe two distinct places. On one wall we find a kind of showcase of objects from near and far; objects from the past and from the present and from the future, all of a similar size collected like rocks from childhood and presented as such.

The opposite wall gives the viewer an opportunity to explore the stars and create their own destiny with Pocket Constellations.

Informed by dice rolling games, astrology, and the inherent opportunity for chance in daily life, Pocket Constellations encourages the individual to choose their own fate, and then change it if they don’t like the outcome.

Create a constellation in any location, time, or dimension and interpret through your preferred method. Find a hidden meaning, read the path of destiny, or simply enjoy a new celestial pattern.

Drew Austin
2400 Curtis St
Denver, CO 80205

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