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Michael Gadlin @ K Contemporary Gallery

Opening Reception, SATURDAY MARCH 2, 2019. 6 - 9PM
K Contemporary Gallery 1412 WAZEE STREET

Be it public or personal, spiritual or material, enduring or ephemeral, there’s a natural human impulse to make note of the significant that surrounds us. In this upcoming exhibit opening Mar. 2 at K Contemporary gallery in LoDo, celebrated Denver painter and mixed-media artist Michael Gadlin will explore the infinite shades of significance in an eloquent visual language at once deeply individual and instinctively universal.

He’ll chart the tides of diverse subjects in sweeping lines, potent shapes and emergent forms, images and ideas flowing across expansive canvases in a mesmeric dance of order and chaos.

—Stephen Knapp

Michael Gadlin
4701 National Western Dr
Denver, CO 80216

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Michael Gadlin

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