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at Valkarie Gallery in Belmar

Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it is the desire to keep a bit of childishness alive within, or a form of art that puts a value on the domestic arts, but art dolls have become an ever growing art movement. Art dolls are objects of art, a reflection of toys from the past (or future) and made as something to admire and not necessarily play with. They are created in a wide variety of styles and media - soft sculpture, paper, clay, wood - and may include pre-manufactured parts or be created solely from the maker's hand. Please join us for a one week show celebrating the Art Doll from June 14—June 18th, including work from RiNo artist Susan Dillon. The opening reception will be Wednesday, June 14 from 6:00-9:00 at 445 S. Saulsbury St. in Lakewood.

Susan Dillon
888 E 50th Ave
Denver, CO 80216

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Susan Dillon

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