Become a Member Supporter

NEW MEMBERS ONLY! (Renewing members do not need to fill out another application.)

Filling out this application gives us the necessary information to provide your membership benefits including creating your member web page and your listing in our printed guide magazines. To see what a member web page looks like, visit our GUIDE section, select a group and click on any member link. You can also view a PDF of the printed magazine to see what a printed listing looks like. What we will need to create these for you:


  • your contact information (primarily for member updates/emails)
  • your desired membership support level


  • your business contact information (phone, website, etc that is okay to list publicly)
  • your location information for mapping you in the online and printed guides (option for ARTISTS: instead of an address, you can include details about your RiNo affiliation in your longer Website Description or the How did you hear about us? section - i.e. Crush contributor, work in RiNo at ____, etc.)
  • descriptions of your work, your business, etc. (short description for print and long description for your member web page)

Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive a payment link and details for providing an image to complete your membership.

Start the process today! PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM AS COMPLETELY AS YOU CAN - the information requested is required to complete your membership! (Exception: if you are applying for the Friends of RiNo level, we only need your name and contact information.)

Not sure if your location is within RiNo? Check our VISIT page: the Getting Around section details RiNo's boundaries.


Member Contact Information

Member Listing Information

Please use your RiNo location address (exception: Friends of RiNo applicants can use best contact address)

Membership Support Levels:

New Members: apply now

RiNo Business:
$250/$500 per year

$250 Level: Open to businesses with a location in RiNo and up to 25 total employees.
$500 Level: Open to all businesses within RiNo. Orange RiNo sign included at this level.

RiNo Small Business:
$125 per year

Open only to businesses whose location within RiNo is their only overall business location and the business has fewer than 10 employees.

RiNo Nonprofit Organization:
$100 per year

Open only to organizations registered as a 501(c) nonprofit and located in RiNo. Copy of nonprofit certificate will be required.

RiNo Individual Artist:
pay what you can
$0 up to $50 per year

Open only to individual artists regularly working, residing or creating within RiNo

RiNo Advocate:
$1000 per year

Open to all businesses within RiNo. RiNo Advocates can purchase memberships for any additional businesses they own within RiNo for $100 each per year. Orange RiNo sign included at this level for each membership.

Friends of RiNo:
per year

Available to residents of the RiNo Art District or individuals and companies regardless of location who wish to support RiNo’s efforts.
Individual Member: $50
Patron Member: $250
Sustaining Member: $500 and above