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33rd Street Outfall

City and County of Denver Storm Sewer Improvement Project
Estimated Project Duration: Winter 2016–Spring 2018
Improvements begin in the Union Pacific Railroad yard at 33rd St proceeding east crossing the railroad to Blake St via 33rd and then proceeding south in Blake St to 31st. More Information: Download Public Notification of Construction PDF; Detailed project information is always available online at:

33rd Street Outfall Weekly Update / Phase 2 — 12/05/17

  • Crews continue work this week on completing final details for the tunneling pit on 33rd—on the west side of the tracks—and the installation of the guided boring rods for the tunneling, is underway.
  • Fun Fact: The guided boring rods, or guide rails, steer the tunnel, and are installed prior to the start of excavation. These guide rails are steered by a laser system that can accurately hit a target the size of a dime from over 300 feet away. Inside the tunnel head, there are also a series of small hydraulic pumps that can be pressurized on any point of a compass to help steel the tunnel.
  • As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns: David Shaw, Project Manager 720-271-8125

33rd Street Outfall / Phase 3 — 12/05/17

  • Paving operations took place on Saturday, and 33rd is now paved from the alley between Larimer and Lawrence, to the private lot/alley between Lawrence and Arapahoe. Crews are currently finishing the installation of the street signs and stop signs in that area, and are backfilling behind curbs and making necessary irrigation repairs.
  • Impacts for this week: The 33rd and Lawrence intersection will open this week, and then 33rd will open from Lawrence to the private lot/alley approaching Arapahoe. The 33rd and Curtis intersection will close mid-week for box culvert work.
  • Watch for continued heavy truck traffic in the neighborhood. And parents, please keep children safe and away from the construction zone.
  • Denver Public Works produced a short informational video that should answer a lot of questions about the scope and timeframe of Phase 3. Watch Here.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this phase contact: David Shaw, Project Manager 720-271-8125

Remember that comprehensive project information is always available online at:

Brighton Boulevard Corridor

The Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment Project will design and construct critical public infrastructure (e.g. cycle track, sidewalks, curb/gutter, on-street parking and more) on Brighton Boulevard, helping establish Brighton Boulevard as a gateway to Denver.

Construction is underway on the Brighton corridor between 29th Street and 40th Street. Expect lane closures and changing traffic patterns as well as increased construction traffic. See weekly updates and sign up for email notifications. If you have questions, please contact 3-1-1.

  • Northbound Brighton is closed from 38th to 44th streets. See detour information
  • Brighton remains open for southbound traffic from 44th to 38th streets.
  • Coliseum access: Use I-70 to Brighton Blvd exit. McFarland Drive is closed to through traffic from Arkins to 44th St.

Week of December 10:

Concrete sidewalk paving, west side of Brighton, 35rd-38th streets

Concrete roadway paving, east side of Brighton, 29th-31st streets, as soon as 12/12

Curb and gutter installation, east side of Brighton, 33rd-35th streets, continues

Lighting foundation construction and irrigation work for storm planters, 31st-38th streets, with flaggers directing traffic intermittently

Overnight construction activities from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. between 40th and 44th streets will continue for several months

  • Pedestrian access between 31st and 40th streets is maintained on the east side sidewalk.
  • Between 40th to 44th streets and 29th and 31st streets, pedestrian access is on the west side sidewalk.
  • For bicyclists, alternate routes are recommended.
  • For your safety, please cross the street at signalized intersections.

Ongoing closures and detours:

Vehicle traffic on Brighton is reduced to one lane in each direction between 29th and 38th streets. Narrow travel lanes are in place. Contractors and oversized commercial vehicles: please drive with caution.

  • 36th Street closure east of Brighton Boulevard continues; alley access open from 35th to 36th streets
  • 31st Street east of Brighton reduced to one lane with flaggers directing traffic
  • 39th Street closure east of Brighton (to Wynkoop) continues
  • McFarland Drive is closed to through traffic from Arkins Court to 44th Street. Coliseum access will be maintained from Brighton and 44th intersection; use I-70 to Brighton Blvd exit. No pedestrian or vehicle access through Globeville Landing Park construction zone near Coliseum parking lot.
  • 40th Street is closed from Brighton to Wynkoop Street.
  • Southbound left turn lane on Brighton closed at the 38th Street intersection. Left turns can be made from the through lane.

There is no on-street parking along this stretch of Brighton Boulevard. Obey all posted parking signs. Ticketing and towing enforcement is in place.

Intermittent lane closures and restrictions will continue to be in place throughout the corridor in both directions during working hours. All work is weather dependent and subject to change.

Business access will be maintained on both sides of Brighton Boulevard.

The Free RiNo Art District shuttle runs on the First Friday of the month from 5pm–12am and Saturdays from 2–10pm.

Walnut Street Corridor Improvements

Project Website

The Walnut Street Corridor Improvement project is headed by Denver Public Works and the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC) and is one of several City projects underway that are building a better, greener, and more connected North Denver. Initial improvements will be installed in Summer of 2017. Following these enhancements, the city will begin a study of the entire roadway to determine long-term needs along this changing corridor.

Phase 2 — Beginning Fall 2017

The city will launch a full study of traffic conditions to determine the complete needs for Walnut Street along this stretch, including a possible two-way conversion. We will consider residential and commercial demand on the roadway as well as future development.

Open House Wednesday, November 29

Phase 1 — Winter 2016 to Summer 2017

Install “curb stops” to define parking and walking spaces from Broadway to 36th Street. These dividers are similar to the concrete blocks cars park against in parking lots. They are typically rectangular in shape and made of hard plastic or other material.

Final Plan Set - Walnut Street, Broadway to Downing Street (PDF)

January 2017 - 60% plans (PDF)

Public Outreach:

For more information on the Walnut Street Corridor Improvements please contact:
Michael Koslow, P.E.
City and County of Denver
720.913.4840 Phone


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