A week long celebration of wildlife conservation, artwork, and community.

During the week of June 3–6, the RiNo Art District is partnering with the Global Conservation Corps (GCC) for a celebration of RiNo’s namesake and one of Africa’s most charismatic and endangered species: the rhinoceros! Following 2019’s Rhino Week event, we are bringing together artists, conservationists, wildlife lovers and the RiNo community to raise awareness and support for Global Conservation Corps, and other conservation organizations working to conserve our amazing wildlife!

DONATE NOW to help GCC Combating Covid through Digital Education

GCC is organizing this fundraiser to ensure that our students in the Greater Kruger area have access to conservation education, even when schools are closed due to COVID. Our goal is $50,000, with a generous donor matching up to $25,000. All donations made before June 7th and up to $25k will be matched dollar for dollar...this means that anything you donate will be doubled! LEARN MORE & DONATE HERE

Video and Event Report from Rhino Week 2019

GCC: A World for People and Wildlife

For many communities alongside protected areas, there is little to no access to the wildlife within, and the barriers to living harmoniously alongside wildlife are extremely high. Youth in these communities often grow up without ever having the opportunity to enter the parks and forge a connection with the incredible wildlife species that call these areas home. If we are able increase access and resources for youth who have been systematically excluded from conservation, we will increase the value and benefits from nature in communities, addressing the root causes of overexploitation of wildlife.


GCC is dedicated to conserving the natural world through education, skills development, and opportunity creation for people living alongside conservation areas worldwide.


GCC is a non-profit with the mission to bridge the gap between communities and wildlife. For people to love and defend wildlife, they must learn about it first.

To learn more, visit: GlobalConservationCorps.org