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@christophersharits | Website

Christopher is a Denver, Colorado based abstract artist who explores the boundaries of acrylic paint on canvas, plexiglass, skis, and snowboards. He utilizes paint brushes, blunt sticks, and fingers to blend and pull vibrant colors on the canvas or objects. His plexiglass work is unique in that they are painted or mushed horizontally in layers foreground to background basically leaving blind experience as a guide. Christopher is the son of the late Paul J. Sharits, Experimental Filmmaker, Artist, and media studies professor. Paul's work can be seen in dozens of museums and galleries around the world including MoMA, The Met, and The Pompidou Paris. Every museum we visited, both in the states and Europe, became a lesson in artists and art history. Christopher has a B.A. in Political Science from Buffalo State (summa cum laude), and Master’s in International Security from The University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies and a Master's in Education from American Intercontinental University. Family, work, and the pursuit of excessive education led him from Denver to San Francisco to New York and back to Denver. He lives with his wife of 38 years near his three adult sons.