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Diane Allison

Wheatpaster of Landscape, Skyscape, Abstract, and Macro Photography


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Emma Balder

Sustainable, zero-waste artist – creating unique fiber paintings, Pinglets, and large scale installations.


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Will Barker Art

Local artist with a focus on western themes. | Website

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Koko Bayer

Visual artist specializing in temporary art installations large and small.

@kokonofilter | Website

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Jessie Bélisle Art

Each work I create is a story

@jessiebelisle_art | Website

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Robert Bell Fine Art

Figure drawing from life with gold and silver leaf.


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Melissa Benavidez

Contemporary Abstract Artist creating unexpected ethereal paintings

@studiomelyb | Website

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Filmmaker | Drone Op | Outdoor + Travel Director of Photography

@brende_films | Website

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Ramón Bonilla

Ramón Bonilla is an alumni artist of Redline working with geometrical art and landscape through painting, mural and tape art.

@studio_bonilla | Website

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Shaylen Broughton

Abstract Painter and Muralist

@sabartstudio | Website

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Lio Bumba

Lio Bumba is a multi-media painter who boldly envisions the modern experience from a diasporic lense.

@liobumba | Website

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Jeremy Burns

Locally sourced artisanal murals, paintings and prints! Colorado Native living and creating in RiNo since 2004.

@jaysaybay | Website

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Art by Gillian

Multimedia Illustrations and 3d drawings


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Francine Campone

Mixed media and fiber artist creating wearable art and tactile artworks using recycled materials and textile remnants.


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I am an artist crafting art that finds its manifestation in the mind, rather than the eye.

@chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | Website

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Sharing joy through the discovery of words and symbols for good. From Mexico Living in Denver. | Website

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Conner Jhoon Choi

Local painter and muralist inspired by social change and the natural world.

@connerchoi | Website

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Angela Craven Art

Abstract expressionist paintings about reflection, strength & connection; custom art that captures stories of transformation.

@angelacravenart | Website

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Jenna A. Cruff

Artist, mostly. Figure painter, usually. Oils, typically.

@jacruff_art | Website

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Silly handcrafted dioramas with real insects performing human activities

@curi_oddities | Website

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D.B. Ink

Colorado-born visual artist, explorer and wildlife enthusiast working with pen+ink, digital print & 3D medium.

@dbuttonink | Website

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Rick Dallago

I am a film producer, artist, and art instructor. I consider myself a "snarky" Norman Rockwell.

@rickdallago | Website

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Kristina Davies

Large, abstract-figurative paintings inspired by the interconnections between humans & our world.

@kristinadaviesart | Website

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Johnny Defeo

Visual artist focusing on landscape, wildlife and interior design in paint, print, textile and furniture.

@johnnycakesdefeo | Website

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Delton Demarest Arts

Delton Demarest is an Illustrator, Muralist and Fine Artist in Denver, CO. Delton is sponsored by Montana Colors.

@deltondemarest | Website

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Derb Design

Sculpture & Metal Fabrication

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Danielle DeRoberts (Onerary)

Conceptual artist + collaborator + multidisciplinary creative

@oneiromancy | Website

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Tim DeShong

Creating art I am at my most peaceful state.


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Large scale abstract painter, muralist, and mixed media artist.

@detour303 | Website

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Susan Dillon

Fiber and mixed media artist.


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Johnny Draco

Johnny Draco multidisciplinary artist. Bold colors conduct viewer's perspective. Challenges societal norms in our reality

@johnnydraco_ | Website

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Edgar Dumas - The Humble Monkey's Studio

Painter, Pastels and Mixed media


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Chloé Duplessis

Chloé Duplessis is a Legally-blind artist, curator and historian. | Website

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Emily Dwan Fine Art

Colorful landscape acrylic paintings and stained glass mosaics to evoke positivity.

@emilydwanart | Website

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Jules Elders

Art teacher and large format mural artist in the Denver-land area.

@wallofsoundmurals | Website

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Faraci Studio

Elizabeth Faraci is a multi-disciplinary, contemporary artist based in Denver

@faracistudio | Website

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Richard Farley

Urban designer, artist and printmaker


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Fenway Clayworks

Handmade functional ceramics inspired by the simple modernism of the 50's and 60's. Modern heirlooms for the home.

@fenwayclayworks | Website

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Kathy Fisher

An artist working in encaustic, printmaking and digital art. I enjoy expressing my love of color and pattern.

@katfishdesign | Website

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Flux Studio

I am a blown glass artist specializing in custom lighting, sculpture and drinkware for the home.

@fluxstudiollc | Website

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Virginia Folkestad

Conceptual sculpture and installations with an emphasis on unexpected materials.


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Jarvis Fosdick

The artist seeks to understand possibilities that have been overlooked.

@jarvisfosdick | Website

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Karmen Lee Franklin

Transforming old into new; from the whimsical to the unusual.

@franklinkarmen | Website

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Future Classic Music

DJ A-L is creating dialogue and tools for music producers, recording artists and creatives in the Denver community and beyond.

@djal303 | Website

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Michael Gadlin

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist

@contemporary_vision | Website

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Gandy Art

Gandy is an internationally published artist-entrepreneur whose work blends free play and technical discipline. | Website

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Jonathan Garbett

Clouds + Shapes

@jonji22 | Website

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Anthony Garcia Sr.

Executive Director and Lead Artist of BirdSeed Collective, a local arts nonprofit that specializes in community engagement.

@birdseedanthony | Website

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Marie Garman

Fiber arts unicorn

@whirledpeas00 | Website

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Jason T. Graves

Multi-media fine artist. Creator of murals, paintings, prints and digital works.

@jasontgraves | Website

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Joseph Graves Jr.

Visual Artist | Painter| Writer | Performer

@artbyjoseph_graves_jr | Website

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Mike Graves

Muralist, painter, curator, maker of magical things.

@mikeroane | Website

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Charlotte Greenwood


@charlottegreenwoood | Website

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Courtney Griffin

Courtney is a self-taught artist, muralist + illustrator. Her use of colors + shapes universalizes the human experience.

@courtneygriffinart | Website

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Erika Halvorson

Paintings, graphite drawings, graphic design, and 2D animation.

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Art by Chelsea Hart

Colorful, fun, acrylic paintings.

@chelseamhart | Website

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Becca Henthorne

Artist specializing in watercolor while exploring both morbid and whimsical themes. | Website

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Mitch Hoffman

Mitch Hoffman creates custom sculptures and installation art from steel and scrap industrial parts.

@orangemitch | Website

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Jazz Holmes

Figurative mixed media artist/muralist

@metaphoricalmuse | Website

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Jeff Howard

“Peace”—oil paint on shaped canvas, approximately 60" wide

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Andrew Huffman

Andrew Huffman is a painter and installation artist living in Denver, Colorado.

@andrewhuffman7 | Website

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Chris Huth

Crush contributor (image: colfax screen print)


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"Illestrator" | B-Girl | Destroyer of Worlds.

@illpixy | Website

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Linda Jaquez Studio

Linda Jaquez [Há-kes] is an architectural and commercial photographer originally from the oldest town in Colorado.

@lindajaquezstudio | Website

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Photography by Jewels

Creative imagery for weddings, engagements, families, & seniors who love a dramatic style.

@photosbyjewels | Website

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Ashley Joon

Abstract floral painter. Developed her own impressionistic style. Available for commission work on canvas and murals.

@ashleyjoonart | Website

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Leslie Jorgensen

Contemporary abstract and figurative paintings of nature and the backcountry.


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Kalen Jesse Photography Co.

Fostering connection through the art of documentary style photography for life + business (Weddings, Events, Branding)

@kalenjessephotography_co | Website

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Jonathan Kaplan

Ceramic Artist and Ceramic Designer


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G.M. Karas

Working Artist within RiNo looking to expand and network with other professionals.

@g.m.karas | Website

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Peter Karner

Ceramics for life. Handmade stoneware ceramics for kitchen and home.


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The Art of Lauri Keener

Art inspired by nature, social issues and the varieties of the human condition.

@laurikeener | Website

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Kid Astronaut

KID ASTRONAUT (@kidastronavt) is an artist and musician born and raised in Denver, Colorado.


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Nicole Korbe

Abstract paintings inspired by both natural and urban environments.

@nicole_korbe_art | Website

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Ladies Fancywork Society

The Ladies Fancywork Society has been terrorizing your neighborhood with their garish yarn crimes since 2007.

@ladiesfancyworksociety | Website

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Chayce Lanphear Photography

Award-Winning Commercial and Editorial Photographer (image: portrait of mural artist, Detour)

@chaycelanphear | Website

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LeahTard Wedgie

Allow me to show you my world! Offering private & semi-private instruction in aerial & circus arts.

@leahtard.wedgie | Website

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Nate Libby Art

Mixed media, pop-culture surrealist artist and studio photographer.

@natelibbyart | Website

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Like Minded Productions

Like Minded specializes in producing art, murals, installations and giclee printing.


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Lindz and Lamb

Lindz and Lamb, is an artistic team that uses large-scale murals and dynamic installations to spark wonder and inspiration.

@lindzandlamb | Website

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lostgirl Metalworks

Found in the in-betweens: left-of-center metalsmith currently focusing on bold, storied pieces.

@lostgirlmetal | Website

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Susan Martinez Fine Art

Susan Martinez is an abstract artist with travel around the globe as her inspiration.


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William Matthews

Beautifully renovated warehouse gallery space, featuring William Matthews’ watercolors.


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Diana Merkel

Diana works in tandem with her partner Jeff, to create murals that are grounded by their roots in design and punk rock.

@psdotdesign | Website

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Amy Metier

Amy Metier is an abstract artist working at the Blue Silo Studios. She exhibits at the William Havu Gallery in Denver.

@amymetier | Website

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Parks Montoon

Colorado cartoonist, artist, and writer!

@parksmontoon | Website

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Mark Montoya

Modern Polyurethane Structured Abstracts

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Tim Mooney

Artworks generated from interplay of abstract, figurative & landscape forms.


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Ann Morgan

I’m an artist: Painter, cartoonist, web designer. Former VP of Digital at an association, I quit to smell the turpentine.

@echopod | Website

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Naked Ray

Gallery Exhibitions and Studio Spaces


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Nicoleta Paints

Nicoleta is a mixed media artist based in Denver, Colorado.

@nicoletapaints | Website

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Roseann Niemeyer

Introspective exploration of luminous color in the use of oils, acrylics, mosaics and found materials.

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Sarah Nix

Sarah Nix uses symbols from religious icons and vanitas paintings, placing them in a new context.

@sarahnixstudio | Website

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Heather Noël

Acrylic | Painting | Prints | NFT | New Artist since 2021 | Denver Native

@heathermnoel | Website

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Sean O'Neill

As a commercial and documentary filmmaker and photographer, Sean O'Neill develops brand narratives that transcend emotion.

@seanwithcamera | Website

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OddKnock Productions

OddKnock Productions creates performance experiences designed to transport audiences to new worlds and ignite their imagination.

@oddknockprod | Website

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Alexandrea Pangburn

Animal Inspired Art

@alexandrea_pang | Website

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Alex Paozols

Alex Paozols’ paintings typically exalt the affections of everyday life with a sense of rhythm and color.


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The Studio on Paradox Lane - Erika Delzell

Featuring the fine art of Erika LZ Delzell; finely detailed visual explorations predominantly in oil paint on found objects.

@studioonparadoxln | Website

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Laura Phelps Rogers

A contemporary sculptor and photographer working for her studio in RiNo since 2005.

@lauraphelpsrogers | Website

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Quixotic Entertainment

Prepare to be transported to an interactive multimedia performance blending spectacular acrobatics, state-of-the-art visuals, and live music.

@quixoticfusion | Website

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Carmen Richards

Specializing in portraits and custom murals for your home or place of business.

@carmen._.richards | Website

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Jeff Richards

An evolutionary working visual art studio.


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Kim Roberts Art

Encaustic Wax Monotypes + Paintings

@kimrobertsart | Website

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Jen Roby

Fourteener landscapes and all things mountains.

@nomadnoplans | Website

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Karen Roehl

Abstract expressionist and contemporary western genre painter in oil and acrylic mediums. Small and mural-sized works.


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Eric Ronshaugen

Mixed-Media artist

@eronshaugen | Website

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Roxanne Rossi

A contemporary artist working in both mixed media and unique cast paper.


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Emily Roynesdal

Visual artist specializing in painting. | Website

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Muralist, printmaker and musician RUMTUM creates thought-provoking content with whimsy elements.

@rumtum_art | Website

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Cristina Rutter Art

Bold, colorful abstracts that explore themes of spontaneity, energy and experimentation.

@cristinarutterart | Website

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Yoshitomo Saito

Contemporary bronze sculptor.


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Beth Erickson Sand

Abstract Expressionist paintings on glass, canvas and wood using acrylics and mixed media.


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Whitney Schedeler

Floral Designer | Website

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Mark Scott Art

Illustrator and Photographer

@marksomething | Website

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Servant Entertainment

Practitioner of legedermain and deception. A magican, storyteller, and immersive experience creator.

@thelopezident | Website

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Shadows Gather

Nightlife Photographer - Socialite - Artist

@shadows.gather | Website

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Christopher Sharits

Denver based Expressionist Abstract Painter

@christophersharits | Website

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I Skelarize it all. From your walls to your eyeballs. Murals, paintings and more!

@sanguineskills | Website

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Slowecreations Art & Design

I have a website that has some of my artwork and several merchandise and clothing with my artwork on them. It is epic!

@slowecreationsart | Website

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Elizabeth Stanbro

My work is mixed media abstraction on panels that can be purchased in any combination. Giclee prints are also available.


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Amanda Stavast

I love creating artwork that offers up vivid color, bold contrast and interesting textures.

@amandastavast | Website

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Jared Steinberg

Studio Gallery, Oil Paintings, Living and Sharing the Art of Life and Pleasure


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Jodi Stuart

I create sculpture, installation and relief artworks, using colorful filaments and various materials.

@stuart.jodi | Website

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Amy Sturrock Art

Abstract paintings created with acrylics, watercolors and gouache.


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Kimberlee Sullivan

Contemporary mixed media painting and drawing

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Daphne Sweet

Sweet's work reclaims the female nude from art history, reinvigorating familiar myths and classical compositions.

@dgaphne | Website

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Tactile Studios Ltd.

Sterling silver jewelry, made in CO with love, and a hammer.

@tactilestudiosltd | Website

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Clark Thomas

Clark Thomas (@clarkthomasofficial) is an electronic dance music producer and DJ.

@clarkthomasofficial | Website

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Brian Trybus Designs Studio / 2520 LAR

The source for fine art in RiNo featuring a variety of talented artists including Brian’s own multidisciplinary designs.

@2520lar | Website

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Kaitlyn Tucek

Kaitlyn Tucek lives and works in Denver, CO.

@ktucek | Website

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Starr Tucker-Ortega

Abstract Photography, Mixed Media

@starr.tuckerortega | Website

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Jessie Tucker

Painter and Mixed Media Artist

@jessietucker_art | Website

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Spreading love through aerosol attacks…

@tukeone | Website

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Vicarel Studios

Adam Vicarel is a lettering artist, art director and graphic designer specializing in branding, lettering and murals.

@adamvicarel | Website

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Sam Wagner

Creating abstract works of art to express what words can't.

@samwagnerdesign | Website

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Tracy Weil

Unabashed and expressive. Painting, sculpture, murals and public art.

@weilworks | Website

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Heidi West

Heidi West is a Colorado native. Her work focuses on abstracted landscapes using vibrant color and texture.

@heidwest | Website

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Susan Wick

Paintings, tiles, installations, consultations & sometimes tea. Over 20 years in RiNo.


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Jenny Wilson Fine Art

Contemporary landscape paintings in acrylic on paper and canvas.

@jennywilsonfineart | Website

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Kimberly Wolff Photography

Fine Art Photography


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Andrew Woodward

Contemporary realism painter

@andrewewoodward | Website

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Lisa Zarucka Fine Art

Mixed media artist, specializing in bold colors, and creator of the first morphing perennial painting, "The Garden".

@lisazarucka_art | Website

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Lindee Zimmer

Public artist, painter and curator living in Denver. 2020 RiNo guide cover artist.

@lindeezimmer | Website

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Ron Zito Fine Art

Ron is focused primarily on painting urban landscapes and interior scenes in oil. Many of his works are familiar RiNo scenes.

@ronzito_fineart | Website

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Zoe Rae Art

Art that changes with the seasons. Eco friendly artwork inspired by nature.

@zoeraeart | Website

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