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Originally from N.Y. + San Francisco, CA- Danielle (Onerary) has been a resident of Colorado since 2012, currently living in Denver.

Through a variety of techniques- working with reclaimed fabrics, natural dyes, hand embroidery, back lighting + expanding her creations onto walls, emotive/textured pieces spring to life, transforming two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional mural installations. From fabric to walls, Danielle challenges herself to explore different mediums to mimic a similar effect, which provides her with a sense of balance within painting tools. Metaphorically, this becomes freeing in the moment + leading to new discoveries of who the artist is + unbecoming. Allowing the magic of informing herself through her art- this opens "a way through" to inform the viewer-- an impulse - a reminder of the deepest truths, of not only her existence, but as a collective. Becoming a conduit, channeling the creation while illuminating a hidden meaning.