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@johnnydraco_ | Website

As an artist, Johnny Draco draws inspiration from his personal experiences, his surroundings, and his quest to challenge societal norms. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Draco now calls Denver, Colorado, his home. He began his career in the arts in Atlanta, where he was exposed to various forms of art, including street art, graffiti, and hip-hop culture. His love for these art forms led him to explore other mediums, such as painting, sculpture, and mixed media.

Draco's art is multidisciplinary and reflects his personal interests. He creates pieces that feature bold and contrasting colors, which act as a conductor on the viewers' perspective. His work creates space for reality and sets to explore and interrogate societal norms. Draco's art is not just a visual representation of his beliefs but a call to action to his viewers to engage in critical thinking about their own beliefs and biases.

Through his art, Draco seeks to challenge the status quo and provoke conversations about societal issues. His work is a reflection of his own experiences and a commentary on the world around him. By creating art that engages with reality, Draco hopes to inspire others to do the same and create a more just and equitable society.