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@kalenjessephotography_co | Website

Kalen's photography journey began with a deep appreciation for its ability to authentically document life and foster connections. She has cultivated a dedicated team of kindred digital and film photographers + videographers who share her vision, enabling the impactful reach of the KJ+Co team to extend beyond one lens. The mission is clear: to craft genuine photos that evoke authentic emotions and tell a distinct narrative. Our true passion lies in seizing the emotional, in-between moments— the random, imperfect, and fleeting instances that yearn to be preserved.

With a background spanning Anthropology, International Affairs, an MBA, and a thesis on inclusive economic development, Kalen Jesse's work transcends traditional photography. Through photojournalism, she explores human connection and the beauty found in ordinary moments, emphasizing the importance of truthfully documenting diverse stories. She truly puts her whole heart into every session.

She photographs many major Denver events, including Denver Startup Week, Parade of Lights, Taste of Colorado, Fringe Festival, etc.