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@starr.tuckerortega | Website

I began my career in New York as a painter but quickly became enthralled with photography during my studies at Pratt Institute. While experimenting with how to create truly abstract compositions with traditional black and white photography I began to explore the photogram technique. I was immediately drawn to how one could literally paint with light directly onto the photographic paper and the biomorphic imagery that had been central to my paintings re-appeared.

I’ve incorporated the use of sunprint paper as well as painting and drawing directly onto photographs and sunprints to create mixed media works. Digital photography has allowed me to step away from the black and white palate and experiment with color. I have always been drawn to water, either photographing it, or emanating the feeling of it. Whether I photograph something that exists in nature in real life or not is irrelevant, the feeling that this place could exist is the goal.

All my works include tonal qualities, textural components, and layers that mimic a painterly process. I strive to create ethereal and infinite spaces into which the viewer is transported to another world, another reality. I want the viewer to have a solitary experience not only while physically standing in front of the work, but simultaneously allowing oneself to travel into the frame and through the planes and boundaries that I have presented to them. Viewers can then seek out their own meaning of beauty and solace.