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A natural collaborator, Weil brings people and art together — with the tenacity of an advocate, the ease of a leader, and the heart of an artist.

Tracy Weil is co-founder of RiNo Art District, and planted his roots in this growing community nearly 20 years ago. A lifelong painter, Weil's work is distinctive for its bold use of color and expressive, playful nature.

Known for his savvy in building community through the arts, Weil has fostered vibrant art districts throughout Colorado, including Lakewood and Aurora.

Painting for over 25 years, Weil's work is distinctive for its bold use of color. Unabashed and expressive, Weil's zest for people and life emerges clearly in bright works thick with paint. Weil has also been working in bronze, iron and clay transforming his iconography into 3D.