LOCATION: Millers and Rossi - 3542 Walnut St

EVENT CATEGORIES: First Fridays | Art Events


  • Fri, Dec 6, 2019 - Sun, Jan 12, 2020

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Magical, Mythical, Fantastical. Artists Claudia Roulier and Susan Wechsler present an art experience full of wild imagination.

Wechsler’s Animal Totem Series is a visual treat for the soul, a new body of work never before shown it its entirety. Her creations began with an obsession of animal totems; that feeling of being drawn to an animal beyond explanation, that is the animal spirit. Susan’s animal spirit is a deer: compassionate, peaceful, intellectual, gentle, caring, kind, subtle, graceful, feminine, innocent, contagiously adventurous. Susan’s work explores multiple animal forms- perhaps your animal spirit is among them. Her reinvention of mosaic, seen through a modern lens, creates a cohesive visual story often using animal forms as the substrate to create a vibrant, meaningful work of art.

Roulier's work features a post-apocalyptic place where darkness and unease dominate a world with no rules. Her creations are filled with the mysterious, the curious, with black magic and strange rituals. Where no one person, animal or thing is innocent, because up is down and down is nowhere to be found, but the delight is in looking.

Welcome to the many facets of Animalia.

Exhibition Opens Dec 4th and runs through Jan 12th.

Claudia Roulier is an artist living in the foothills west of Denver with her husband and two Newfies. She has shown locally and nationally; both invitational and juried, and has received numerous awards. Currently she works out of her studio in Denver near the Santa Fe art district.

Susan Wechsler is one of the most respected mosaic artists and teachers throughout the Mosaic World because of her unique handling of found objects on a 3 dimensional form. She has traveled the globe collecting one-of-a-kind treasures to incorporate into this new series. Collecting these pieces is wonderful energy for your home because of the vibration coming from all of the crystals & gems used in the making of this collection. This work is a personal journey of love and life. Susan has a BFA from the University of Michigan in sculpture, and an MFA from NYU in theater design.

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