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LOCATION: Laura Phelps Rogers - 3240 Larimer St

RiNo ARTIST: Laura Phelps Rogers

CATEGORIES: Call For Artists | Classes + Programs


  • Fri, Jan 1, 2021 - Tue, Dec 31, 2024  

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The community local and visiting are invited to join the sculptural quilt by creating their own piece to be joined with over 800 others.

The remote project participation packets are featured as part of the installation of the project and are available at the fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery during business hours. The completed pieces will be added to the project while on view as part of this leg of the project.

Local or Remote participation welcome contact:
Facilitating artist Laura Phelps Rogers
Studio: 3240 Larimer St., RiNo, Denver, CO 80205
303-641-3472 email -

Small donations to assist the project grow and travel are relished but not required. $3 or $6 including glue per participation piece is most appreciated.

Overall Project Description:
The Art In The Everyday Community Quilt Project - Is a community driven social engagement public art project. Art is utilized as the foundation. The facilitating artist fosters individual creative thinking while connecting participants into a unique traveling sculpture to create community. Together the completed individual pieces are brought into the quilt form. The project interprets the historical use of quilts as a documentary & genealogical means to preserve familial memories. Through its unified form, the project showcases the community created by the participants. The project celebrates & records the individual pieces contributed, now over 800. A celebration of each person, their story, interests & their response to the everyday is portrayed by their individual contribution. The project continues to grow & connect participants, as well as viewers as it travels. Participants are invited to follow & interact with the project, cite their participation all while celebrating everyday objects, interests & thoughts of each participant.

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