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@lauraphelpsrogers | Website

Laura Phelps Rogers is a contemporary sculptor and photographer working for her studio in RiNo since 2005. Laura works with metal, light, mixed media, digital and graphic design. Her practice is influenced by the west, collective memory and conversations revolving around women's work.

UC Denver College of Arts & Media Interview

Owner/Operator fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery and 3240design LLC

Laura Phelps Rogers – Current and July-August Exhibitions

Portals – Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom St., in San Francisco, CA 6/17-8/1/23

Group exhibition, Title of work: What Remain a Question for Then or Now – Medium: Photographic collage.

Tickled Pink – Digital Exhibition, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL – 7/1-7/30/2023.

Group exhibition, Title of work: Pretty in Pink, Quadric - Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

In Dada We Trust, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL – 7/12-8/19/2023.

Group Exhibition, Title of work: Key to Psyche, Medium: Cast Bronze and Mixed Media Medium

Common Nature, travelling exhibition Amazon River Valley, Columbia, June/July 2023

Artnauts exhibition, extended, Title of work: If a Tree Falls in the Forest…, Medium: Mixed Media

Solo Exhibition of Sculpture, fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery, 3240 Larimer St., Denver, CO 7/7-8/17/23

Together with Louis Recchia and Jennifer Hope Solo Exhibitions, New bronze, iron and Mixed Media Sculpture on the floor of the main gallery.

Ongoing 2023 – 2024:

Human Touch 2023, Publisher: Center of Bioethics and Humanities, University of Colorado Anschutz

Literary publication, Title of work: What Remain a Question for Then or Now – Medium: Photographic collage.

My Abortion My Choice - Roe 2.0, abortion stories, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL,12/1/2022 - 12/30/2023.

Group Exhibition, Title of work: Mary Quite Contrary, Medium: Photo Documentation of Sculpture (cast iron with finery) and digital collage

Hope, Resistance, Support, Greater Ukraine, Ukraine, 5/1/2023 - 6/1/2024

Group Exhibition w/ Artnaut V. Albicker, Titles: Art, Medium: Photo documentation Sculpture (Tin, Paint, Plastic and Wood) Photo Documentation of Sculpture (found objects with digital Photography) and Photo of Large format Digital Image

Without Borders, Oreil Carn, Caernarfon, Wales, 5/6/2023 - 7/7/2023

Traveling Group Exhibition, Artnauts and others, Title of work: The Clouds Have Gone All Moldy and The End of the World as We Know It, Medium: Photography. Poetry (Dan McBride) with Digital Collage

Ongoing - Social Engagement Projects - Sculptural Quilts:

The Art In The Everyday Community Quilt Project, just returned from the Maryland Institute for Art and is pointing to a local Colorado venue. Participation packets available through the studio.

American Fabric, In development phase collecting images, images of relatives whom have immigrated to the United States welcomed to print on silk.